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As we begin to reincorporate physical gatherings, we want to continue to use an abundance of caution. We do not want to contribute to the COVID health crisis, nor do we want to be the cause of unnecessary illness among our attendees or members of our community. So as we look toward our next in-person gathering, here are a few things we want you to know:

  • Do not attend if you have any symptoms of, a positive test for, or were recently exposed to COVID-19 (within 14 days).

  • Masks are required (we have extra should you forget).

  • Seating is limited so you must RSVP in advance to attend. (see link below).

  • Please refrain from making physical contact with others (no hugging, handshakes, etc).

  • Maintain 6ft social distancing at all times with persons not in your party.

  • Clean your hands regularly and limit touching of unnecessary objects (hand sanitizer will be readily available).

  • There will be no food or beverages provided.

  • For those who would like to participate, we will take communion/eucharist by way of sealed, individual cups placed under chairs.

  • To limit exposure, doors will not open until 10:45am, and everyone will be asked to move outside 15 min after the conclusion of the service.

  • For those more comfortable watching from home, service will also be streamed via Facebook Live and posted to the website and Vimeo the next day.

If the thought of an in-person gathering is stressful for you in any way, please do not feel pressured to attend. Some will attend in person and some will continue to watch online. We value both responses, and we want you to know that you are deeply loved regardless.


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